The average family in the US has over 4 mattresses in their homes, each of which have a lifecycle of about 10 years. We know all the beds in a home don’t wear out at the same time, which creates a constant market for new mattresses. We also know that a survey of the population in the United States revealed a startling statistic: 1 IN 10 PEOPLE BUY A MATTRESS EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This means that for a community of 30,000 people, 3,000 are in the market for a mattress right now!



Give customers a product that they actually need, at a price below traditional retail, while creating substantial revenue for the groups we work with.


Our sales are quick and easy, and don’t require much of the work a traditional fundraiser does. We come to your school, set up a full mattress showroom and give the community a product they need. We offer a huge selection of mattress styles, priced up to 50% below retail, and are made to order. The best part is that the profits pay directly to the kids.

We do the Heavy Lifting… literally.

We are experts in the bedding industry. Our consultants have decades of industry experience. We are experts in the fundraising industry, using a proven model that provides high payout without the hassle. We sell award-winning mattresses in the latest styles and materials. Our mattresses have won the coveted “Consumer Digest Best Buy Award” 9 TIMES and have also won the “Women’s Choice Award” for the last 2 years! 

  • Your group raises REAL MONEY! (Thousands in only one day)

  • Your community saves REAL MONEY! (Saving up to 50% below traditional retail stores)

  • Your group has zero risk - IT COSTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

  • The kids WIN and have FUN while FUNdraising!