The powerful Freedom-Air™ In-Rail Air Inflator was designed to be compact & light weight so it can be housed in the specially designed Power Edge™ rail, eliminating unsightly hoses, connections & any issues with problematic pump placement. The rail pump placement also eliminates any possible issues with dust, debris or pet hair that often render other pumps ineffective.


• Dual Handsets: Preferable over the single handset that always seems to be on the wrong side of the bed.

• Handy Tethered Design: No more lost remote controls - with our convenient, tethered control design.

• 4 Function, Ergonomic Wired Controls: Features 4 primary functions, including sleep memory and bed made ready auto fill mode.

• L.E.D. Controls: User friendly & ergonomically designed. The LED (light emitting diode) design allows you to clearly see a readout of the firmness level you have selected even in a darkened room.

• 50 Comfort Set Points: The dual digital hand controls offer 50 scientifically accurate comfort set points.

• Automatic Bed Fill: The dual digital hand controls feature an automatic bed fill mode that allows you to give your bed that made ready look at the touch of a button.

• Whisper Quiet Design: Features a sound dampening internal structure which means virtually silent operation. The design features a suspended pump motor which helps eliminate vibrations while thick insulated walls insulate the already quiet motor noise.

• Unique “Cam-Lock” Fitting: The user friendly Cam-Lock Fitting gently twist locks onto the Air Rail Pump creating an air tight, trouble free seal. The internal pressure valve allows for the air chamber to be disconnected from the inflator for ease of moving the bed or for accurate service diagnostics in the field. 


• 1-Piece Base Construction.

• Dual Head Movement and Head & Foot Adjustability.

• 4”-6”-10” Iron Stackable Legs.

• Safety System: Gravity Down Actuator - Child Safety Lock - Emergency Battery Back-Up and Lowering Button.

• The Wall-Snuggler™ Design Requires Just Inches of Clearance From The Wall.

• 20 Year Limited Warranty.

• Available Sizes: E/Queen, E/King and W/King.

• Wireless Remote Control.

• Backlit Remote Control.

• Flashlight On Control.

• One Touch Flat Button.

• 4 Massagers - 3 Types w/Timers.

• 5 Memory Positions.

• Easy To Reach Sync Button.

• Under Bed Nightlight.

• Level Right Feature.

• 850 lb. Weight Capacity.

Innomax Platinum Air


• Exquisite Honeycomb Sculptured, PetMe™ Chenille, 3-D Euro Style Split Super Pillow Top: This top cover material is breathable and promotes a temperature neutral sleep experience and is also irresistibly soft to the touch.

• Pillow Flex® (New age material): Contouring plush feel of fiber while resisting the body impressions associated with fiber.

• Easily Accessible, Removable, Rotatable, Refluffable & Refreshable Advanced Smart Pillow Top featuring Latex and Memory-Cell® (Progressive 2-Stage Firm/Soft):

  • Natural Latex Rotatable Comfort Layer: Gently contours to the body to promote proper support and pressure reduced sleep. Natural Latex features a sleep cool, Pin Core air flow design.

  • Memory-Cell® Rotatable Comfort Layer: Temperature responsive space-age material contours to the body for even weight distribution to eliminate pressure points.

• Multi-Zoned Posture Grid Support: Optimizes support physics/provides separately designed zones for head-to-toe comfort.

• Super Soft Contouring Comfort Layer: Contours to the body for even weight distribution to eliminate pressure points.

• Exclusive Moisture Barrier Backing: Protects internal components for long trouble free life & a healthier sleep environment.

• 5-Zone Anatomic 1” Support Layer: Manufactured with extra-thick, high-density polyurethane. Formed with a unique combination of 5 distinctive zones to reduce stress on the pressure points and provides customized support for your entire body.

• Memory Weave Wrapped Power Edge Support: Edge support offering comfort & support whether sitting on the side or lying on the mattress. The Memory Weave provides our Power Edge with a “no bow” design increasing the durability and longevity by not allowing oxidation of the foam.

• Shimmering Grey/Black Slate Side Panels: Beautifully quilted and finely tailored with contrasting basalt grey threading and accent faux straps - offer classic style and traditional looks with a very modern feel.

• Double Self Mending Zipper: Maximizes a mattresses accessibility & durability. If a zipper separates, just rezip to repair.